9 Disember 2010

Alhamdulillah, so far so good. Sorry, this blog seems not very well, as I say in the title : Healing.. Keep to move and still trying to settle a lot of jobs that had been left before.. Some stories to share :

1) Eid Adha : For The Forth Eid in Jordan

Ukhuwwah fillah abadan..

Yum,yum.. Missing Malaysia..

The late cow.. In memories..

Keep waiting.. Yallah, bi sur'ah

2. Exam's fever : Juhud + Gembira

3. Just a simple surprise party for my birthday... ( Naughty girls, " CUpCaKeS ), thank you..
* Anyway, All of thanks mostly for my mom and dad, nothing can take your place in my heart, nothing can be compared for all of loves and things that you have done for me... Since baby's time until now..
* K.Fatihah, Aisyah and others, no more words to say, Allah only the best to pay all of your attentions for me.

Ya Allah, please keep this love, mahabbah to the end.. Ana uhibukum fillah.. Daaiman abadan-abadan abadan.. Wa arju hatta ilal jannah.. Aamin..

Ya Allah, please keep us to stay in this way, li nasyri da'watul Islam ila 'alam.. wa fi Taatik.. fi rahmatik.. Wahdina ila siratal mustaqim..

* Broken languange... Sory, still learning. More practice will make more perfect, Insyaallah.
Fi amaanillah..

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